There’s no need to ask questions

It’s almost there, and then I will be able to finally relax for a while! We’re so close to having at least a single one of our rooms completed at this current new property that all of us recently moved into, and I am so enthusiastic about it. You see, moving was a sizable ordeal overall, and it became a stressful obstacle course that spread out over various weeks somehow. As such, just getting all of our things into this current property felt basically like a sizable accomplishment when it was finally complete. Now, I’m actually going through and trying to figure out a nice set up for each and every room… So far, the sunroom is the closest to being a complete hang space, and it’s the most appealing room of the property. This is thanks to all the extra fresh air and free lighting out there. If you need some extra air or desire to catch a relaxing breeze, you can occasionally pop open a window and trap a cool air flow as it passes by. Other times, however, you’re really out of luck. There is often no cool breeze to direct into the room at all. This is because all of us live in the South where the air is thick, stagnant, and entirely overheated. That’s why the only renovation that still needs to be made to the sunroom is the addition of a simple overhead ceiling fan. You see, the room has some A/C because of its connection to the central cooling equipment, but there’s no way to circulate the cooling air once inside the room. If all of us could get a gentle breeze and some air flow to the tiny indoor area, it would be the most comfortable room. I’m so cheerful a single room of this current property is almost ready to use… next all of us just will need to transport our beds inside the property.

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