Thermostat at the hospital

I was having our first baby girl. I was in the medical facility getting our vital checked & everything else done before surgery. I can think on after getting the IV I became undoubtedly cold. The dentist told myself and others it was due to the meds getting into our bloodstream in a matter of hours. After we had administered the medication the nurse had left the room. I’m going to say it was about 15 minutes tops when I began to perspire. It was terrible having hot flashes & unable to do anything about it other than hope it was going to go around. Most hospitals do not have a control setting to set the temperature. I new for a fact there was one in our space, it was just a matter of where it was set up. I had finally found it behind the door. When I strolled over to the panel I saw the A/C was set at 71 degrees. Now in a small single hospital room that is fairly low & can get the room entirely chilly, yet I was still dripping with sweat. Thinking it was due to the medication I did not more it any decrease. Once the meds had wore off & I started to cool down just enough to get the hot edge off. It was still seriously heated in the room based off of the settings. I assume the room I was staying in was having a problem with the control panel. It was difficult to tell due to not being able to listen if they AC pumped on. I decided to push the temperature down to 55 notches. The lowest setting that was permitted. It was evening time so I turned down the lighting and went to bed.