Thermostat installation

When my wife and I bought a new thermostat for our house. We thought it would be easy to install. Unfortunately, it turned out to be one of the biggest arguments ever. My wife and I rarely have any arguments. All of the kids are out of the house, and we are both retired. We don’t have enough stress to worry, so we rarely argue about much. There are a few occasions, when one of us will get very frustrated. This was one of those occasions. We went to the hardware store to buy a new thermostat, because we could barely read the numbers on the old one. The guy at the hardware store told us that it would be easy to install the thermostat on our own. We purchased the thermostat and headed back to our home. Four hours later, we still had not managed to install the thermostat. There were four wires sticking out of our wall, but our new thermostat had 6 wires. I couldn’t figure out how to use the other two wires. My wife wanted to contact a local heating and air conditioning supplier, and ask for help. I was sure that I could handle installing the thermostat on my own. The instructions were easy to read, and I wasn’t ready to give up trying. My wife and I quarreled all afternoon, until she contacted the local heating and air conditioning supplier behind my back. I was still trying to install the thermostat, when the doorbell rang. Even though my wife surprised me with a sneak attack, I was happy to have someone to aid in the installation process.

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