Thermostat is not easy to see

I was a little early for my job interview and was asked to take a seat in the boardroom. I was sitting there for some time, kind of bored, kind of anxious, and thinking I might not get the job. So, I started looking around the room.  It appeared that all of the chairs around the table didn’t match. The walls seemed banged up with marks. Then I spotted the thermostat. It was nestled behind a cabinet. I can’t help but wonder how many of the employees of this company do not realize where the thermostat is. I wouldn’t have noticed it at all had I not been eyeing the room so hard. Still, it was obvious to me that management didn’t want the workers knowing where the thermostat was and adjusting it. Other jobs I have worked at would lock the thermostat up entirely, or put it in a manager’s office, so the workers wouldn’t fight over it. I made a mental note of where the thermostat was in case the info came in handy later. If I get the job, I will know where to find the thermostat if needed. A manager finally came and gave me an interview in the boardroom, but they were quite late. I feel like that gave me a bit of grace in the interview, but I honestly don’t know if I want to work for a company where those in charge aren’t timely. We will see though.  If I do choose the job, at least I know how to access the thermostat.

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