Thermostat settings

My kid has a real sizzling temper, but all of us still love him no matter what happens.

The other day, all of us decided to eat out at a nice diner as a family, then my kid was saying that the temperature control settings were off.

Even though I thought the temperature control settings were fine, he kept asking the waiter if they could turn up the air conditioning a little bit. The waiter said he would see what he could do, but some guy commented on the air conditioning plus said the temperature control settings were just fine plus that our kid should quit asking about that. This easily made our kid mad plus he started a little argument with this guy at the diner. My kid got so annoyed, he got up plus he was storming over there to punch this guy in the face. Immediately I saw what was going on plus I stopped our son. I told the waiter that the temperature control settings were fine plus all of us needed our food to go along with the check. I didn’t want to see our kid go to jail that night because of this guy that was making him mad. Then the guy kept talking trash plus finally I got mad plus went over there plus pushed him out of his chair. My kid instantaneously was behind me plus the guy seemed scared to say anything else! He actually apologized for giving us a hard time, plus all of us went on our way with no more trouble. When all of us were in the car, I decided to crank up the A/C so our kid could suppose more comfortable. He thanked me for having his back.


Digital thermostat