Thermostat trouble

For the longest time, I thought there was some serious problems with my furnace. My furnace did not seem to function properly, no matter how much I fiddled with the thermostat. I had just moved into a rental home and a pretty nice one at that. The rent is cheap, but it’s my responsibility to keep up with the maintenance of appliances and other amenities in the home. That included the HVAC system. At first, I thought I had been gypped with a crappy HVAC system. It was the winter too, so I desperately needed my furnace to work. I could swear that I had been setting the thermostat to the proper temperature that I wanted it to run at, but it was doing literally nothing. Finally, I decided that I could not figure this problem out on my own, and I called an HVAC technician to come out and see what was wrong with my furnace. I made an appointment for the next day, and when he arrived, he did some checking here and there and then it asked me to elaborate on the specifics of the problem. I told him that I would try to set the appropriate temperature on the thermostat but nothing would happen. He went over to the thermostat to check it. He hit a few buttons on the touch screen and opened a menu that I didn’t even know existed on the module. With a couple more button presses the furnace kicked in. He managed to accomplish what I could not accomplish in hours of fiddling with that darn thing. It turns out that I simply needed to seek out help from the owner’s manual to know how to properly adjust the thermostat. Despite that, I still had to pay for the service call!

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