These guys don’t shut up!

Kindergarten may possibly be one of the most enjoyable age groups to teach, when it comes to the stories that they tell.  My daughter loves her job as a kindergarten teacher. She is always coming home and telling us stories about her students, and the stories they have told her.  After the summer hiatus, she had one young lady, who had gone to spend the summer with her grandmother. She told my daughter that her grandmother had a lot of ducks that lived under the porch.  She just couldn’t figure out how they got out from under there and why she couldn’t feed them. We all naturally thought that her grandmother lived on a small farm. During the parent teacher meeting, my daughter had an opportunity to talk to the little girls mother, and she commented on how good it must be to be able to go to a farm during the summer.  The mother had looked totally perplexed, and she said she didn’t know what she was talking about. My daughter said about the ducks under the house, and the mother looked upset. She said she had to talk to her daughter again. While they were visiting her grandmother, there was a problem with the air conditioning. The HVAC company had to come out and fix the ductwork that was under the house.  They then fixed the air ducts so the air conditioning would function well again. Unfortunately, her daughter thought they meant ducks and not ducts, and she had spent the summer worrying about how to feed the ducks that were trapped under the house.

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