These issues have gone on long enough

I have often wanted to own my own home. I have rented apartments for the past twenty-three years.  I think that enough is enough. I have a great job and a steady paycheck. For some reason, I just can never come up with  enough money for a down payment. Maybe it is all for the best. After all, owning a home entails all sorts of work and responsibilities.  I’m not sure I’m ready for all that. Actually, I have a buddy, Tommy, who just bought his first home about eight months ago and it has been nothing but troubles for him.  He just had to replace have the whole foundation under the house because it was turning into rubble. I hadn’t realized that cinder blocks could disintegrate like that. Once all the debris was cleared out,  the building contractor discovered another concern. There was a high level of radon gas. Radon is a super harmful substance that emerges from the soil surrounding the home. It emerges in a gaseous form and gets in through any imperfections in the foundation. In this case, Tommy had a very high concentration of radon in his basement. He handled the situation quite well.  He called a licensed professional for both the testing and the resolution. He invested in a ventilation pipe with a fan that pushed the radon out, so that it escapes harmlessly into the atmosphere. It was a smart and fairly economical repair to the home. Tommy no longer has to worry about radon gas in his home.

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