These were my plans

When I went into the marines, I didn’t have all that many skills. Since I wasn’t sure what job would be best for me, I let my recruiter take the reigns. I spent more than a year learning how to repair refrigerators as well as heating systems. After I finished with the training, I was able to fix all types of HVAC equipment. I was stationed close to home, which was the best part. I got to see my family frequently, and eventually, met a charming girl who convinced me to settle down and get married. Shortly after my fiance as well as I tied the knot, I was sent to another duty station. My wife was genuinely upset because she could not go with me. I was going to be traveling 3,000 miles away from home, to work on the heaters in our northernmost base. The heater had been experiencing trouble for a while, and a crew of heating as well as air conditioning mechanics was needed to find as well as fix any problems. I was only supposed to stay at the base for four months, while all of us got to work on the heater issue. Since the stay was short and the weather was bitterly cold, my wife wanted to stay home. As soon as we were able to fix the heater, I was excited to come back home. The average temperatures were about ten degrees below zero, and I had more than one case of frostbite since arriving. Unfortunately, I’m at the control of our military just like my wife is. Four months turned into a long year of frigid weather in addition to ice storms. By the time I came back home, my wife said she was ready to move on.

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