They actually used heating!

I’m so blown away – I can’t believe this has happened, and what a glorious night to be remembered, and an event to be cherished it is. No, I’m not talking about a significant wedding or birth in my family… I’m saying that last night we all made the decision to go out to a lavish party for work, and I was entirely comfortable the whole night! I know, that fact never happens! I’m always cold and covered in goosebumps throughout my normal activities, so it’s not surprising at all that this trend continues into the night. And whenever I try to dress up for a lavish meal or gathering, I wind up being way too cold. I usually ruin the outfit I’m wearing with heavy top layers of clothing, and I wind up spending the entire time huddled near my date for warmth. Also I usually have my arms and sweater wrapped tightly around my body for a few extra degrees of warmth. This abrupt freezing has happened at literally every formal breakfast, wedding, or birthday celebration that I’ve ever attended. It’s made me start to wonder if every venue keeps their temperature control painfully low or if it’s just me having a problem with my internal temperature regulation! Either way, last night I was in temperature heaven for the first time ever in my life! The people I was with and I walked into the party site, and the air felt so toasty warm to my entire body. I immediately commented on the attractive air temperature and asked the nearest host if she knew what sort of heating they used in this location. That’s when she told me they had the indoor air handling method fail, and all the heat that made me glad was just pouring out of the back kitchen.

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