They are in HVAC now

My old high school is throwing the ten-year reunion, plus it couldn’t be more obvious that they haven’t thought about the event for 9 plus a half years! Sure, we’ve all been busy with our own lives–many of us are well into our careers–plus some of us have gotten married. In my case, I’ve been a busy bee between marriage, my career plus my first child! Still, there’s a reason that you vote on a treasurer plus historian for your senior class, as those people will be charged with planning the reunion in a decade! Anyway, I last heard that the reunion will be held in our high school gymnasium. I mean, talk about lame! We’re all in our late twenties – can’t the lot of us go somewhere a bit more ritzy? Besides, I remember that gym all too well. It was consistently horrendously hot, as the AC idea was consistently broken. I counted nearly a dozen instances of a Heating plus Air Conditioning repair professional coming to service the undefined idea for the gym, only to leave the job unfinished. I can only hope that they’ve since fixed the undefined unit, even though I remember some of the faculty saying that it had been broken for years! We’ll just have to wait plus see, maybe they were just joking around? Yet who knows, maybe a member of our class alumni is working now as a heating, ventilation plus undefined specialist? I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case; there was a number of classmates who seemed like the types that would go on to trade school once they graduated. In fact, my plumber was in my graduating class!

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