They finally opened up the zoo

Our local zoo has been closed up while I was in the entire pandemic shutdown & both of us have missed it terribly.

My kids appreciate going to the zoo, & usually both of us would go around once a month whenever everything was running normally & smoothly.

Of course, about 4 weeks ago when everything went crazy around here, they shut the zoo down. It was while I was in the time of year when the weather was heating up & the hot & cold temperatures were just starting to get sizzling enough outside to entirely appreciate the zoo. That made the shutdowns even more of a bummer to myself and others & my kids, then we appreciate going to visit the critters. My son’s favorite is the lion, & my daughter’s is the elephant… Anyway, both of us have been waiting impatiently for the zoo to open back up. They finally made the announcement this week, however the weather outside has really been heating up over the past few weeks & now I’m afraid that it might entirely be too tepid to go to the zoo without any air conditioner. They never installed the portable A/C units around the zoo that you see in some places love outdoor athletic interesting stadiums. I think it would be great if they put in some portable A/Cs here & there throughout the zoo just to help the zoo shoppers cool off once in a while. Since both of us aren’t allowed inside any of the buildings that are air conditioned at this point, I think that would genuinely be a nice addition to our zoo experience. I think most people would agree with me.

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