They opened a senior health center.

Our hospital had been advertising a senior health center for the past year.

The ads were always talking about how it was being built and what all was going to be inside.

They said that all the doctors necessary for senior citizens would be at the center. We could go there for testing and even minor procedures. They also said there would be an exercise gym and a pool for aquarobics. They had yoga classes that were aimed at senior citizens, and they had senior meet centers where you could join in for games and meals. It sounded like an old folk’s home that you didn’t have to stay in. There were so many people waiting to get into the senior center the day it opened, that we stood out in the summer heat for almost half an hour. All I could think about was that we had left the air conditioning in our home to stand out in the heat. Why didn’t we wait to see the senior center when it was no longer a novelty? I had to admit that I was anxious to see the gym and the health center itself. I wanted to try out the yoga studio and maybe take some aquarobics training. We stood for another ten minutes before they opened the doors. Most of the people were heading to the common room so they could get the food and freebies they were handing out. I just wanted to go to the pool. I wanted to go to the yoga studio and then I would go to the welcome reception for the food and freebies.


Personal Fitness Trainer