They rocked the joint and the place was sizzling

I was so proud when my son and his band finally got their first official gig. We went to the venue, my wife and I, and we were excited for the performance. I was amazed because there was a really great turnout at this place. When my son and his band were out there, they were really jamming and the crowd was loving the performance. That’s when I started to noticed that I was starting to sweat a lot. I was actually sweating a lot more than usual and I knew the place was a little overheated. After my son’s band really rocked the place for awhile, they said they were going to take a break and mentioned how it was really hot inside the place. Everyone agreed and soon the owner apologized for the HVAC system. He said he had an HVAC worker there already working to fix the A/C and he apologized profusely for any inconvenience. My son and his band decided to take a really long break because it was blazing hot! Finally the A/C kicked on and then everyone cheered. They then started chanting the name of my son’s band and then my son got on the mic and said they were ready to rock! They killed it with the next songs and there was a real powerful energy in the air that I haven’t felt in a long time. I knew that my son and his band really had the gift, of course, without A/C it’s hard to rock out a place like they were doing!