They said “RV” however they meant “pop up camper”

You have to be careful when people are passing along information! You particularly never guess if they are speaking with accuracy or if they are poor communicators, oftentimes, I find that people say things they particularly don’t mean.

  • This can cause a lot of complications down the line, when you both have to come to the conclusion that a mistake was made.

Recently, this happened in regards to our friends plus a camping trip that every one of us agreed to go on, and when they said they wanted to go camping, I was upset about the outdoor air temperature, it’s the dead of Summer here plus every one of us have oppressive heat plus humidity to deal with, and being out in the woods without cooling system, surrounded by mosquitoes all evening didn’t sound like fun to me. I didn’t want to try to sleep in the oppressive semi tropical temperatures, but luckily, they said it was covered, right down to the AC. They had told me that they were renting an RV which would particularly fit everybody for the duration of the camping trip, every one of us wouldn’t have to worry about the outdoor air quality so much, because every one of us would have up-to-date amenities plus plenty of shelter. It turns out, this was not exactly the case. While I was imagining an RV with a full-blown cooling system plus backup generator to power the cooling unit, they were renting a pop-up camper. When every one of us arrived at the campsite, I saw the open air camper plus could imagine how moderate plus humid it was inside. I didn’t even have to experience the poor air quality before I made our decision. I simply shook our head, picked up our backpack, plus climbed back into our air-conditioned automobile to go home.

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