Things didn’t go as planned, but I was happy about it

This past weekend didn’t go at all how I thought it would.

  • I had this date set up with this lady, who actually never bothered to show up.

The waiter kept coming to my table and asking if I wanted to order my food. I kept politely saying that I was going to wait until my date showed up. The waiter would then go to the table next to mine where this lady was waiting, and she was saying the same thing I was saying. After about an hour of this, we both started talking. We were both disappointed that our dates stood us up. We decided to sit at the same table, and we ended up ordering our drinks. I was saying that even though our dates didn’t bother to show up, it was really comfortable in the restaurant because their temperature control settings were just right. She agreed and said that the air quality was certainly on point and she could have sat there for hours waiting. She said it must have been fate for this to happen to us, with our tables right next to one another. We actually started laughing and talking, and the table was right under an HVAC vent, so the A/C felt so nice as we were waiting for our food. When we got our food, she suggested that we share. I had the chicken stir fry and she had the spaghetti and meatballs. We asked the waiter for additional plates and we poured half our food into each other’s plates and this was somehow really romantic. We also ended up ordering some wine and we definitely wanted to see eachother again after this unexpected date we had with each other.

a/c rep