Thinking about HVAC maintenance

For a long time, I was changing air filter as often as I thought about it.  I have to admit that was not very often. I often neglected changing the air filter on my heating and air conditioning system for six months or more.  It wasn’t that I was just neglecting the HVAC system, but I didn’t know the importance of changing the air filter so often. When I found out that air filters should be changed once a month, I was shocked.  I went on a mission to find out more about air filters and to quit being so ignorant. I wanted to know more about how to care for my HVAC system. The first thing I learned was that the air filter was the lungs of the HVAC.  If the air filter wasn’t being changed, the HVAC system wasn’t able to breathe. You end up with poor air quality, and I didn’t want poor air quality. HVAC air filters are rated with MERV. MERV is the antonym for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value.  The highest MERV rated air filter was the HEPA air filter. The HEPA air filter was able to filter out up to 95% of all airborne contaminants. HEPA air filters were used in hospitals and I knew they had to be good. I found out that HEPA air filters were also very expensive.  When I talked to the gentleman next to me, about the HEPA air filter, he told me to check for them online. I took down the numbers on the HEPA air filter, and I went home and looked them up. I was able to buy the same air filter for almost half the price of what it cost in the store.

HVAC care plan