This A/C combats all the heat issues

As I’ve been continuously working to paint my bedroom door, I also wanted to strip, sand and refinish the interior of the door itself. To do that, the door has to be closed. That’s a problem simply because there is certainly no ventilation in the bedroom. None, whatsoever. I don’t see how what’s happening, as there is a huge air duct at the side of my bedroom floor. Cold air from the a/c blows through the vent when the bathroom door is open, and as soon as the door closes, the a/c is practically off. The HVAC employee I hired to check out the airflow couldn’t figure it out, either! Eventually, I had to go down into the basement myself and check the air filters, as they could be part of the problem. I’m glad I looked – they were so dirty that you could barely see the original color. When the air filter was changed out, the bedroom started to cool off quickly. That room turned into a sauna almost right away every time I closed the door, and all I had to do to address it was change an air filter? Wow. It’s amazing the difference that a modern air filter can make in your air conditioner. I’m betting that the energy costs are going to be lowered this month, too! It just goes to show you that staying on top of your Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C service problems is something that every homeowner should do. Lesson learned for the future, as I will make sure I change the air filter every six months from here on out.

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