This air is blowing around

My Mom is only getting older & just doesn’t get around how she did back in the day.  But, she is still incredibly independent. Mom prefers to look after things on her own, no matter how long it takes her.  I am the closest, in proximity, to her. Visits are usually a few times a year as that is all she’ll deal with. I don’t have a grandkid for her to dote on so, she shows me the door sooner.  The last few visits have been somewhat disconcerting though. I notice how little housekeeping & other property chores are getting done. I had to have a serious talk with her. Trying to convince her to let me get her some help was basically like pulling teeth.  I convinced her to at least let me get the Heating & Air Conditioning worker out to have a look at the entire system. There was so much dust scattered around the place, I was sure the air filter wasn’t getting changed. I also observed how several vents were covered by something she had laid down.  I was concerned however happy the Heating & Air Conditioning worker was coming. Fortunately, after he made a thorough inspection of the entire heating & cooling system, he easily gave me the thumbs up. There was no permanent damage to any of the Heating & Air Conditioning components. And, he was able to catch a few potential issues.  However, he recommended the air ducts were in need of some serious cleaning. While the cleaning crew was at it, they would also seal up all the joints in the ducts. This would prevent treated air loss, as well as, easily reduce the amount of dust getting blown through the property. I got the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment stuff by Mom but, I wasn’t pushing my luck trying for anything else.  

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