This air is stuffy and hot

Going out to lunch is the type of thing I do with my wife every week, the people I was with and I just happen to have our one hour lunch breaks from our works at the same exact time and hours, it helps also that the people I work with close together in the same area; So, every day the people I was with and I meet for lunch and have a tasty meal, and occasionally unhealthy food, occasionally a sit down meal, depending on the crowds that week; Just this week the people I was with and I went to a small place and they had the most amazing air quality I guess I ever felt in a restaurant! Usually in most places where you have lunch the air quality is not really a large deal or good or bad. In this place the air quality was lovely! I asked the manager how they keep it so clean in there. The manager told myself and others the secret was an industrial sized, brand new, top of the line, best in the whole planet, and seriously up-to-date heating and cooling plan with a built in air cleaning plan with a whole-cabin humidifier installed as well! I could not suppose it! It was unquestionably amazing to say the least, but my wife thought so as well. I guess the people I was with and I will be returning to this nice little place more often to have our weekly lunch date; After being around this air quality in this place and getting the secret, I am sincerely considering taking out a small loan and investing in my undoubtedly own brand new, top quality, kind of overpriced, totally awesome, totally good and seriously so much heating and cooling plan with a built in air purification system for my own residence! It won’t be industrial grade, however it will do the trick!

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