This air purifier is working great

I was born in the deep south where I was raised, being from the deep south, the a main thing is lovely old guys know about other than hauling and raising cattle is our heating and cooling systems! Here in the south, it gets really darn hot most of the year. The time of the year where it gets really tepid in the summer season weeks of course, but that does not stop the heat while I was in the fall and Springtime weeks either. This is the reason us wonderful old people always have our brand new, and top of the line, severely modern heating and cooling systems installed in our houses. Before the days of the top of the line heating and cooling systems, we only had window A/Cs. These were a real pain in the saddle to put in. They were genuinely heavy and insane to try to pop into the wall, but one time, I even shattered a single because it fell right through the frame of the window! The dang window was too huge for it! This is when I was so glad when Heating, Ventilation, and A/C technology came up with the concept of central heating and cooling! And no doubt you can bet and know it, that I was the first in line to buy and have installed our usually own brand new, top of the line, pretty fancy and severely modern heating and cooling unit in our residence! There was a lot of money saving up to get, but gosh darn it, this wonderful old boy did it! And was so glad I did! Never had anything better in my life.

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