This could be the largest moment of our life.

The day I signed the deed to our apartment was possibly the largest moment of our entire life, at least in the last thirty years.

I was hoping our actual largest moment would be when I got married and then became a father.

Once I bought the house, I knew it was time to ask our lady to marry me. I wasn’t so sure I wanted to get married immediately, however I wanted to get married to her. The following week, I asked, and she accepted. I was a single more step to having everything I wanted in life. One month to the day I got engaged, our oil furnace broke. I knew I only needed the oil furnace for a couple more weeks, however it was cold in the house. My fiance was moving in that weekend and the people I was with and I needed to have heat. I called the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning supplier and asked them to look at the oil furnace. I didn’t expect any relaxing news. I figured if I thought the worst, maybe I would get the best. My thinking had prepared me. Within several hours, I was told that the oil furnace could not be repaired. I was going to need to purchase a up-to-date a single. I asked if it would be cheaper to just upgrade the entire Heating in addition to Air Conditioning idea now, or get the oil furnace now and the a/c equipment in a couple of weeks. He ran the numbers and told myself and others which would be best. That weekend, I had a up-to-date Heating in addition to Air Conditioning idea installed and our fiance moved in. I truly can’t afford a wedding any time soon.

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