This could ruin our entire day

Back in my childhood I lived in a lake house with my father. He always made sure our lake house looked amazing. With my dad always really working outside all afternoon at work, and then coming home and really working outside in the yard. We had to have a/c, and just as a normal house today, we had central a/c. Without a/c, I don’t think my dad would have made it really working the sizzling sunshine all afternoon and coming home to a lake house with no a/c; Air conditioner is a large part of residing and your health. Especially for my father. As for myself and others I was just a kid and didn’t understand what my father had to go through to get us a/c again… My father worked really hard to receive all the extra overtime he could to repair our a/c, but eventually, we did get our a/c back up and running, however for those weeks that both of us were without a/c it was really pressing, and you could tell it was taking a toll on my father. To this time, I now understand how my father felt when he had to work every afternoon and do all the overtime he could  to help his family. I absolutely feel for the people out there that can’t afford a/c or to repair their a/c. My heart goes out to them always.

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