This customer lost a lot of money trying to save a few bucks

I run into a ton of situations where clients attempt to complete a job as well as totally screw it up.

  • This happens often in the HVAC field.

There are 10,000 videos online, as well as these easy videos make every average woman believe they can complete a very difficult heating or air conditioning repair job. I will confess that there are lots of handy folks that can give easy repair to their oil furnace or the air conditioning unit, but many jobs should be left to a professional. Several weeks back, a single of our routine clients tried to save money by completing a job on their own, but unlucky for them, they ended up spending $600 on a piece of junk. The purchaser was trying to update a natural gas furnace that all of us stock for $1099. They found someone online that provided the natural gas furnace brand current in the box for only $600. The purchaser even called up our HVAC store to get some additional information about the gas furnace. My boss suggested to me that the purchaser did not purchase a gas furnace from someone that was not an officially licensed dealer. The purchaser did not listen to our advice as well as obtained the natural gas furnace. They called us to make the upgrade. I was the unlucky specialist who got the job. I had the job of delivering unlucky news to our customer. They obtained a natural gas furnace that did not have a heat exchanger. The item was not brand new, as well as they ended up with a $500 piece of junk. The purchaser was easily annoyed as well as tried to call the cops. Unlucky for them, there is not much that the police can do about an awful purchase.

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