This feels very natural

I’m  not staying here forever, but I currently live in the northern region of a southern state. The weather here is really almost consistently hot and humid, so it’s rare for me to even consider the need any furnace to keep me comfortable. Our Wintertimes are rarely that chilly enough to justify using it, although I do have a little wood burning fireplace in my house. It’s undoubtedly hot and comfortable, and it adds a very wonderful aesthetic appeal to my family room that I simply couldn’t do without on my own. Sure, it’s mostly for decoration, but this thing undoubtedly does quite a number for me when I need to be warm. See, a few years ago, the people I was with and I happened to have had one of the coldest Wintertimes I’d ever known here. It was cold, very cold, even by northern standards, as there was an entire week where the temperature never happened to have creeped over twenty degrees. While the weather was legitimate as long as you already had some kind of furnace, many of my neighbors overclocked their un-maintained heating systems in an effort to hot their beach house for hours on end. Most people have these old oil furnaces down here that aren’t meant to perform at that capacity, or for that long, so many of the folks in my city managed to split down their ancient furnace due to the abuse. I, on the other hand, relied on my fireplace for its single intended purpose. I bet my neighbors were terribly jealous, wondering how I did it as they saw the smoke coming from my chimney.

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