This has turned into a horrible mess

My karate studio is set up in the basement of a hotel. Naturally there are a lot of heating and air conditioning parts in the basement. There is a boiler unit in one corner and the ceiling of our studio is all pipes and HVAC ducts. The HVAC ducts are large, metal and very wide. They are so bulky. I really notice it at certain parts of our ceiling where it is lower. The HVAC ducts always get in the way in those areas and I never can have our students do anything that requires them to jump. Stretches and extensions are difficult to do there as well. It’s a constant problem. I am several feet too tall for the space with the ducts hanging so low. There are particular parts of the studio that I constantly hit my head on. I try to keep an eye on that, but I get distracted because I’m trying to work! When I start teaching a new group of youngsters how to do kicks I almost always smack my head on the HVAC ducts. I then proceed to holding pads for their kicks. I slowly walk backwards down the studio and again, always run into something. It’s really frustrating when I try to do my own work outs down there. Certain areas I can jump a bit, but other spots, not at all. The worst was the time I was doing knee drops with a medicine ball. I ended up giving a little hop on the third one and smacked into a piece of HVAC duct. I hit it with such force that my head started bleeding. I had to quit to clean up the blood. I even left a sizeable dent in the HVAC duct. I wish the hotel would go ductless with their heating and air conditioning.

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