This HVAC unit does a lot

My dad had to change careers when our mom bought a home on the other end of the east coast and moved the whole family down south. While our mom is an HR recruiter at a cooling, heating and A/C corporation, our dad had to take a task at a factory. However he used to work in a similar field up north when he was younger, a factory that made tofu. It was a very complex and strategic workplace that required employees to be brought in from Italy just to keep the location in operation. Now he does the opposite, instead of making something that’s fairly healthy through an intricate process, he works a small factory that makes candy. Specifically, he works at a location that makes chocolate. He absolutely prefers the work, his co-workers are wonderful and the location is always low stress. The chocolate factory has to have a rather strict temperature control in order for the product to be made correctly. Too hot, and nothing sets right. Too cold, and the chocolate moldings won’t harden correctly. Ruining all the batches and wasting thousands of dollars. One day when I was going to see my parents, I walked inside and my dad was making dinner. I asked why he wasn’t at work and he said that the factory’s HVAC system was being repairs. His job had called and was in a bit of an emergency state because their heating as well as air conditioning plan had gone completely offline early in the morning. Their fifth shift crew had to run around and make sure all of the candy and chocolate was being brought into the emergency storage coolers. Anything that didn’t fit would have to be scrapped. So my dad’s crew got the day off while the HVAC heating and cooling contractors worked to get everything back online.

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