This import has helped us out

I wish we could keep our children from making stupid mistakes. Unfortunately, they often have to learn for themselves. When the Fast and Furious movies came out, my son was obsessed with the Nissan Skyline. He quickly found out that the Nissan Skyline could not be purchased in our country. The Nissan Skyline is a vehicle that was made for the Japanese domestic Market. The Nissan Skyline does not meet all of the same safety standards and emissions testings that are required of our country’s domestic car market. When Mark found a Nissan Skyline on eBay, he decided to bid on the car. It looked as though the ad was placed by a licensed and reputable JDM importer. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Mark won the Nissan Skyline for a bid of $22,000. The money went to an escrow account, and then it was transferred to the JDM importer. The JDM importer was located about 6 hours from our home, but Mark didn’t mind making the drive to pick up his new Nissan Skyline. Last weekend, my husband and I drove Mark over to pick up his new car. When we arrived, Mark found out that he still owed the JDM importer and additional $6,000 in fees. Mark had no extra money to pay the fees, and the car is still sitting at the JDM importer. I knew it was a bad idea to purchase a car online, but Mark was convinced this was a great idea. I don’t know how my son will come up with the extra fees, but I hope the car won’t sit for too long.

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