This is a huge argument

When I became convinced that my hubby was cheating with another woman, I instantly wanted a divorce.  Instead of confronting my hubby myself, I first spoke with a lawyer. I wanted to make sure that I followed all of the right procedures to receive maximum benefits from our separation.  My hubby was seriously indebted from starting his own business, and I didn’t want to be legally responsible for his financial obligations.

               My lawyer was very helpful throughout the whole divorce process.  I was surprised, however, by the length of time it took to finally be legally independent from our hubby.  Because of all of our combined assets, there was a pile of details to sort out. Since we both wanted the house, this turned into a immense controversy and problem.  For the majority of the process, I didn’t need to do much. My lawyer just spoke with my hubby’s lawyer, and then reported back to me. There was a large amount of paperwork and expense.

               Paying my lawyer created a extreme hardship on our budget.  I was forced to get a small loan to cover all of the legal fees and pay my bills.   I can’t even imagine what difficulties we would have faced if we had children. I am simply relieved to have the whole thing over with.  The two of us eventually decided to sell the new home and split the proceeds. There is no longer a reason to ever be involved with my ex-hubby again.

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