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I’m an explant, trying to find my way around this place. I currently live in the northern region of a southern state. The weather here in this region is almost consistently moderate and humid, so it’s scarce for myself and others to need any major heating plan to keep myself and others comfortable. Our Winter seasons have been rarely cold enough to justify using it, but I do have a fireplace situated in our house. It’s honestly moderate and comfortable, and it adds quite an aesthetic appeal to our residing room that I simply couldn’t do separate from and still be happy. Sure, it’s mostly for decoration, but this thing really does a ton for myself and others when I need to be warm. See, a few years ago, there was a freak incident when every one of us had one of the coldest Winter seasons I’d ever known. It was cold, even by northern standards. While the weather was okay, at least, as long as you had some kind of gas furnace, several of our neighbors immediately overclocked their systems in an effort to moderate their beach house for days and nights on end. Most people have old gas heating systems down here that aren’t meant to operate at that capacity, so several of the folks in our neighborhood managed to quickly chop down their heating plan due to the abuse. I, on the other hand, only relied on our fireplace for its intended purpose. After starting the fire up, it only took about twenty minutes to moderate up completely from the bitter cold, and another twenty minutes for myself and others to relocate our little laptop to an adjacent room. I bet our neighbors were terribly jealous that day, as they saw the smoke coming from our chimney indicating our ability to easily cope with the chilly temperatures. I guess I should’ve been more generous and initially offered our neighbors a location to relax and moderate up, but oh well – I also guess that maybe they should invite myself and others to the block parties more often!

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