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When my girlfriend and I bought a new HVAC unit for our trailer, we thought it would be easy to install. My girlfriend and I already had one HVAC unit in the bedroom, and it seemed like a self-explanatory insulation. My girlfriend and I picked up a new HVAC unit from the superstore. We chose something large enough to heat and cool the living room and kitchen area. The trailer was very old and was not equipped with central heat or air conditioning. My girlfriend and I were saying here for a few years, wow we saved up enough money to buy a house. My girlfriend and I got home from the superstore, and took the HVAC unit out of the box. We expected to find a few pieces, but we actually had more than a dozen different parts. My girlfriend read the directions, while I hunted down a toolbox and spare pair of pliers. I found the duct tape, which was sitting on top of the dryer. I looked for the power cord for the HVAC unit, but it was nowhere to be found. My girlfriend started reading the directions, and the power cord was supposed to be in the Box. My girlfriend and I searched through the whole box, but the power cord was nowhere to be found. We decided to call the superstore, but they gave us the number for the HVAC manufacturer. Since the problem was with packaging, they could not do anything to help. When we finally got the manufacturer on the line, they apologized and rushed shipped it the next day.