This is amazing

When my partner and I found this old two-story home, at a great price, we snatched it up.  He and I knew that we had found a bargain, and the house had just been remodelled. We are now starting into our second winter here, and we are not looking forward to another winter here.  We know that we are going to need to do something with the HVAC system. Last winter, it seemed like the only part of the house that was warm, was our bedroom. He was always complaining about how hot it was in our room.  I would close the air vents, and we closed the bedroom door, but since heat rises, the heating always got into our room, somehow. Then we go out into the hallway, and it is warm, but not hot like our bedroom. The downstairs is usually really cold.  We talked to some people who suggested we put radiant heat flooring into the house, but we don’t want to risk damaging the antique flooring that we fell in love with. Someone else told us that we need Zone Control. This is a great idea, but we don’t have any heating in our room now, and yet it is really hot.  My next guess is to call the HVAC company. I’m going to have them go over the entire system, and maybe even have them install something other than a gas furnace. I don’t like gas furnaces. Maybe they can come up with some kind of ductless heating and air conditioning plan for our home.

zone control