This is awesome

When my partner Roy I built our loft from the ground up, we chose a geothermal heat pump to handle the year round temperature fluctuations. The two of us had researched all corky types of heating and cooling options, including forced air furnaces, central cooling system plus electric heat pumps. The geothermal heat pump was far more fancy than these other options, all of us were convinced that it was worth it though. Roy and I liked that the geothermal temperature control is the most environmentally responsible option by the Environmental Protection Agency. This type of technology does not rely on fossil fuels the slightest to generate heat, along with there being no combustion process. There is no worry over carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde or harmful chemicals. There are no hot surfaces or fumes either, plus the heat pump doesn’t overly dry out the air in heating mode. The two of us don’t need a humidifier during the Winter time or a dehumidifier in the summer. The geothermal heat pump takes advantage of stable underground heat and cold temperatures, plus uses a free energy source to move heat to and from the home. The process is so  energy efficient that the heat pump actually creates multiple units of heat for every one unit it draws. From our calculations, and double checking, all of us estimate all of the money we have put into the unit will profit in just a few years. The two of us are able to maintain the perfect temperature, all year long, no matter the outside weather, for about a dollar a morning. Plus, the heat pump is silent, clean, and dependable. The two of us expect the heat pump to last to at least twenty years, plus the underground loop idea should supply over fifty years with no issues.

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