This is broken

I’m not the biggest fan of pets, you might say. I keep them out of my house for good reason, and I don’t understand how anyone does things any differently. I just feel like they are more hassle than they’re worth. For instance, last week my family plus I spent Springtime break with my spouses eldest child plus her small family.  I am a truly clean person, and often I worry about the presentation of my home, plus I also constantly worry about how it stinks to others. Since this is how I am I guess I always suppose that other housewives think this way too. I just unfortunately realized this is not the case when every one of us arrived at my dear old spouse’s daughter’s house.  She has so many animals crammed in there that her whole apartment just stinks truly pet like. The pet boxes needed to be changed desperately, plus the ferret cage was stinking too. I could not believe the stench every one of us first walked into her home, the air quality was terrible. It was nothing similar to the air quality I had at my own home. I had a absolutely difficult time even being in her apartment because of the truly bad air quality.  Her birthday is coming up this week plus I advise to my spouse that I think every one of us pay for her to have a whole apartment air purification program installed ASAP by any Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation she chooses. Either that, or we take some pets off her hands.

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