This is built on family tradition

I have been in the HVAC repair business for almost fifty years. When I was a kid, I started working for my uncle. He owned a small HVAC repair shop. After school, I would sweep up the shop and help my uncle fill the trucks with supplies. He taught me about heaters and air conditioners, and I eventually started going on repair calls. A few years after that, my uncle made me a partner in his business. We spent twenty years building our HVAC empire. When my uncle died a few years ago, I had to take over the business. My son works here also, along with my baby brother and sister. My son went to school for engineering, and he is always trying to find new HVAC technology to help our company grow. My little brother takes care of the bookkeeping for our HVAC empire. My sister is in charge of marketing and advertising for our HVAC company. In a few years, I am going to retire from the company. I’ve enjoyed working as an HVAC engineer, but I’m ready to settle down and relax. My wife and I have a small cabin by the lake. I am going to sit on the pier and fish for rainbow trout, speckled bass, and perch. I know the company will be in good hands. Our family has built a tradition, and people all across the state know our name and logo. We pride ourselves in being number one in customer service, quick response time, and overall customer satisfaction. We will be in business, long after I have retired.

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