This is giving my grandmother issues

Being a kindergarten teacher, it shouldn’t surprise me when I hear some of the wild stories that my students tell me.  I like to go home and tell my husband, and we usually have a good chuckle about them. We have Spring break in our school district, and the kids get off over a week for a mini vacation.  Apparently one of my students had gone to visit her grandmother over the week, and she came back full of stories. I had just thought that her grandmother lived on a farm, because she was full of stories about her grandma’s ducks.  She said they lived under the porch. She told me that she was scared because she never saw them come out and she really wanted to feed them, but they didn’t like little girls. The next week, I had the opportunity to meet her mother and father.  We were having a chat about their daughter and how well she had progressed, and the conversation came around about her grandmother’s farm. Her dad just kind of looked at me and asked if I had the right family. I told them their daughter had told me about the ducks.  Her mother shook her head and told me it was ducts and not ducks. They had to have the ductwork replaced, and they also put new air ducts into the house. They found out it was the ductwork and not the HVAC that was giving her grandmother problems. She thought the men were trying to get the ducks from inside the house, by going under the porch, when they were really working on the ductwork.

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