This is not a good situation

My fiance and I are very, very similar in many ways. We both enjoy the same foods, the same music, art, dance, and other things like that. We both like to be outdoors. We have all these great things in common, but it isn’t all like that. The areas where we differ, after all our common ground, just seem so vast. One such example would be, when we are riding together in the car, my fiance likes to have the heating or A/C on. He generally does not dress very appropriately for the weather outside. On the flip side, I am the one who likes to have the inside of the car as close as I can to what the actual temperature is outside. I always dress for the weather. In fact, I take special care to double check the conditions outside before I leave the house so I don’t have to rely on the heating and cooling system in my car to alter my state of being either too hot or too cold. I don’t always get it right, but at least I make an effort! I like to allow my body to get used to the temperature instead of trying to fight against nature. I feel much more comfortable in the heat or the cold if I let my body adjust to it! I also don’t like that A/C is bad for the environment. I don’t like it in the house either, which is another place my fiance loves to have A/C! In the car, though, at least we have the option of rolling the windows down! We are going so fast that the air keep us plenty cool! My fiance doesn’t agree. He is very insistent upon the A/C in the summer, and the heating in the winter whenever we’re in the car. It’s just something we generally have to compromise on.