This is not what I enjoy

Anytime I want to start a huge project that I know I’ll hate, I call my mom.  She’s a beast and flawless with house repairs. Need a new bathroom? My mom’s the one to call.  Need the floors in your apartment sanded? Get my mom out there with her sander and she’ll work all day without food, water or a break.  As such, I usually call her when I know I have a project coming. My current one is trying to install heated flooring. I can’t imagine it’s too difficult to put one in.  I researched it online and read that the existing floors have to be tore out before you lay the piping. Then I have to connect the pipes together and then run them down to the boiler in the basement.  The boiler heats up the water and then hot water flows through the pipes. As a result, you have hydraulic heated flooring; isn’t that cool? Once the heater installation is complete, you just put down new flooring over top.  It sounds pretty self-explanatory to me. My mom and I are up to the task and have huge crowbars ready to rip the floors apart. We read that the pipes can be rather heavy but we should be able to handle the heater installation between the two of us.  The heating system should be installed in under 5 hours. Hopefully from there we can have the new floors down in only an additional 2-3 hours.

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