This is some fresh air

Let me tell you this mistake I just made: I thought picking a geothermal heat pump for our home would save me money. After studying online about the heat pump I found out it has both heating and cooling functions. It pumps the heated air either inside or outside. It is a cleaner and simply more efficient way to control the temperature in my home. Or so I thought. I was told that in a few months, the heat pump would practically pay for itself with my savings in bills. While that is hard to pass up, I regret it now because of the installation costs. A standard heat pump is set up in the house while being connected to the equipment in the yard. Since I wanted a geothermal option, the HVAC equipment was installed just under our turf. I had to hire a business to dig up parts of our back and side yard, which ended up causing a large hole for not that much HVAC equipment. The outdoor HVAC component then was successfully put underground. Then, I had to hire a separate HVAC provider to come in and connect that outdoor equipment to the inside equipment. I also had to invest in some control equipment for the temperature in my house. These installation fees were extremely expensive. It was much more than I expected it would be. I don’t understand how this particular HVAC system is going to save me money when the costs were outrageous! My husband says that the system will end up paying for itself in a few years, which is a relief.

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