This is tempting

I was browsing the  appliance section at a local department store while my spouse was picking out shoes.  Although there isn’t anything either of us need to buy at the moment, I decided to look at what kind of current technology is out out of pure curiosity.  I remember rolling my eyes when internet accessible cell cell phones were named “smart cell phones” several years ago and thought the name would never stick.  I was wrong–now “smart” is used to label anything that can be expanded with some basic wireless internet connectivity capabilities, even just taking analog unit plus making it digital.  Refrigerators are a great example, the “smart fridges” have a touch screen on them with varying features plus functions from entirely controllable temperature sensitivity to remote controls via a cell cellphone application.  Then my eyes found the “smart thermostats” for the Heating plus Air Conditioning systems. Aside from touchscreen capabilities and cell phone app controls, you can schedule cooling cycles to increase efficiency plus you can even let it run on it’s own auto cycle where it senses the best times to turn the system on or off plus at what intensity to run it at during any given moment.  This is based on any number of variables the system can detect like outdoor and indoor temperature fluctuations and building occupancy levels at particular times of the day. Although I don’t have the cash to budgeted for a one, I would really like to get a smart thermostat some day. The thought of being able to turn our cooling system on from work with just my cell cellphone is extremely inviting.  That means I never have to get out of bed just to adjust the thermostat.

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