This is the bottom line

My husband works as a certified contractor. While he has certifications and years of experience with plumbing, electrical engineering and construction, his real calling is in heating, ventilation and air conditioning – especially the ventilation part. He can repair a forced-air centralized system using a few tools and his own intuition, and still complete the job faster and more effectively than the most well-equipped team of HVAC workers. Despite his undeniable skill, he does have one significant weakness – he insists on working alone. Yes, his “contracting firm” is really just him and a rented out office! He doesn’t even have an assistant of any kind. I’ve pressed him time and time again to hire more help, but he says he just doesn’t have faith in others to handle the work to the standard that he does. Well duh! Of course no one will handle it like him, because no one else in our town is as experienced and skilled and has all his years of work under their belt. Still, a master of a martial art isn’t truly a master if he isn’t willing to pass on his expertise. Why should a trade skill be any different? What’s the big deal in taking on an additional pupil. After one particularly heated debate, I convinced him to take on an apprentice when he was offered a job to replace the furnace in this elderly couple’s home. It was the perfect opportunity to get some extra help, train his new worker, and make his contracting firm more versatile. Shortly after he went on the call to replace this furnace at the customer’s home, he texted me saying that he immediately wished he had given into me sooner! He said his job was so much more simple, as the new worker he hired was very knowledgeable. They were able to not only replace the furnace at this house, but they even had time to thoroughly cleanse the ductwork and check the gas lines for the furnace as they switched the old equipment out with the new. I told him at least one hundred times in the past to do this, but I’m glad he finally obliged me.

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