This is the classic problem

I should never have let my boyfriend talk me into going camping with him.

Dave just loves heading off into the wilderness with nothing more than a backpack.

He is happy to sleep on the ground, bathe in a river and cook over an open flame. I require modern luxuries to be comfortable and happy. I want access to running water, an actual bed and some form of temperature control. I spent a significant amount of money on my furnace, central air conditioner and smart thermostat. I enjoy the rewards of my investment. With the tap of my finger on my smartphone, I can make adjustments and ensure that each room in my house is maintained at the perfect temperature. When I get some time off from work, I don’t want to spend it at the mercy of the weather. I recently spent a long weekend camping with Dave in the woods. While the scenery was absolutely gorgeous, the weather was a nightmare. It started off hot and humid, and the bugs were a huge problem. Sweating and covered in bug repellent, I would have paid a lot of money for air conditioning and a shower. That night, the temperature dropped, and we huddled in our sleeping bags and shivered. A furnace or even a space heater would have come in real handy. The following morning, it started to rain. We couldn’t cook anything or even make coffee, but I did get my shower. Next time Dave suggests a vacation, we’ll be renting a hotel room and ordering room service. I want access to a thermostat, comfortable bed and maybe an indoor swimming pool.
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