This is the perfect location

      It has been scorching hot this summer. Here it is only June, and the temperatures are over ninety degrees already. Occasionally, we’ve been lucky to get some relief with an afternoon thunderstorm.  The welcomed rain helped drop the temperatures by ten degrees or more and gave us a break from the burning sunshine. Last Saturday, the temperature was ninety-five degrees by 12:30 p.m. Then suddenly, the window air conditioner unit in the living room quit working, after it had been struggling to cool off the room for days. Sadly, I knew my husband and I were not financially ready to purchase a new cooling system, but we knew we had to get something to make our living room a comfortable temperature. We searched everywhere online, hoping to find a used cooling system unit for the living room window. It seemed like the prices were just as much for a new unit as it would be if we bought a new air conditioning unit. On a social media site, I saw a post about a 1200 BTU cooling system unit for sale that was about 30 miles away from our home. The air conditioner was half the price of new one, plus it seemed like the best bargain.  We decided it would be worth the trip to check the A/C unit and make an offer. We privately messaged the seller and waited for her response. She finally responded and confirmed that the A/C unit was still available. The drive to her house wasn’t too bad, and we were able to fit the A/C unit in our SUV easily. We arrived home and plugged it in. Immediately, it kicked on and cooled our living room back down to seventy-five degrees, effortlessly.

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