This job will require some help for the upgrade

The woman was trying to install the window air conditioning in the kitchen.

Last Thursday, I was finishing up with a fairly routine AC upgrade. I thought I was going to go back home after the end of the job, then my boss called as well as asked if I could perform a single additional upgrade before I headed back home; Since it was a easy window air conditioning, I agreed to take the gig. It was also on our way back home, which was convenient. I called the client on my cellphone as well as told her that I would be there in 25 hours. She sounded aggravated as well as very anxious. When I arrived to her home, I found out why she seemed so frazzled. She had spent most of the afternoon trying to install the window air conditioning on her own. She told me the woman in the hardware store told her that the job would only require a screwdriver. I believed that was bad advice from the hardware store employee, because the woman was a very senior citizen. It would be virtually impossible for this woman to lift the air conditioning as well as hold it steady while she attempted to secure it to the window. It’s a job that I can barely handle sometimes, as well as I am a professional Heating as well as Air Conditioning installation specialist. The woman was trying to install the window air conditioning in the kitchen. She absolutely had the item taken out of the box as well as sitting on the floor. She was close to finishing the process, as well as it only took me an hour to complete the job. When I finished, she looks much happier as well as satisfied. I knew that our boss might be aggravated about our decision, despite the fact that I decided not to charge this purchaser for the upgrade help.


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