This seems extreme

I am not the lucky sort, let me clear about that right now. I don’t have any stories of good fortune to share, in fact, my life has been filled with continuous hardships and struggles. So much so that I’ve come to expect very little of the world around me. I know I won’t win the lottery, catch a big break, become famous, find that fairytale love, or even get a significant raise at work. But when I got a call informing me that I won a brand new HVAC unit, I started to believe that maybe I was lucky after all! I answered a call from an unknown number two weeks ago, and was shocked when the voice on the other end identified himself as an Heating as well as A/C dealership owner… He said I had won their raffle drawing, and I would be receiving a state of the art heating and cooling system at no cost! The process was easy; he would send a ventilation specialist to our residence, they would measure our house and determine which oil furnace, cooling system, and temperature control system were best for our particular residing situation, and the installation would begin as soon as the Heating as well as A/C component arrived at the shop. Well, I was cheerful beyond belief, since our old heating and cooling component barely worked to manage our indoor air pollen levels. When the Heating as well as A/C dealership owner asked for our credit card number to hold on file for the installation, I thought nothing of it. It was only a few afternoons later when I still hadn’t seen a single Heating as well as A/C professional at our property that I started to think… actually, I didn’t remember ever entering a raffle drawing at all.

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