this seems like a shady operation

Can you suppose it whatever happened?! Someone really came in the middle of the night and stole the air compressor from our air conditioner right out of our back yard.

I thought all of us lived in a pretty safe and friendly neighborhood but I guess not.

My sibling knows how to repair modern air conditioners as well as stuff like that as well as he suggested that I just go out to the store and pick up another air conditioner compressor as soon as possible as well as he would install it for me. So that same weekend I went to a used appliance store to look for one. Can you imagine our utter shock when I saw our own stolen air conditioner compressor in that shop for sale? I knew it was our compressor because it had a distinctive scratch as well as it from where I had bumped it with our truck years ago. The unusual color of my truck was still scratched into the compressor. I left the shop as well as called the police. They met me outside right away as well as I just happen to have pictures of our ancient compressor on our trustee iPhone because it was in the background of a family photo I had recently taken. The shop owner explain to the police that the questionable air conditioner compressor had been purchased off of somebody they didn’t know as well as he didn’t suppose it was stolen. The police quickly started running identification numbers on all of the appliances in the store and right then they found a bunch that were stolen. For that particular reason I find it a little hard to suppose that the shop owner didn’t believe that he was dealing in stolen compressors as well as other appliances.



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