This Sunroom desperately needs AC

In the state where I live, the housing market is always severely competitive.

  • I am in one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, & the two of us are currently experiencing massive growth.

That said, you can easily imagine that housing is not truly cheap. It’s truly difficult to find a rental for under twelve hundred bucks a week. It’s also truly difficult to find a good home in a great section for less than a quarter million. I can tell you, neither of those figures fits into our modern living situation. I desperately needed to get our own home, but I was finding that the real estate market was truly difficult. If you do not buy a home within the first morning that it’s on the market, you aren’t getting the house. That’s why I jumped as fast as I could when our small dream home came up.The home that was everything that I wanted, including an awesome sunroom on the back of the home. I was falling in love with this naturally yet heated & ventilated outdoor space. I easily wanted to labor out there every single day, where there was fresh air & plenty of sunshine. What I didn’t realize before I made our bid on the house, but, was that the sunroom was not well sealed or well suited with air temperature control equipment. When I got into the space, I immediately started making some changes. I sealed up the doors & windows to the sunroom as tightly as I could. I added a ton of insulation to the ceiling, & called out our local Heating & Air Conditioning service tech for advice on the air temperature situation. She suggested that I install a mini-split ductless heating & cooling unit which would then allow me to utilize the sunroom in both the Summer or Winter seasons. These mornings, I am living in the best home in the city. Best of all, I assume I will make a buck when I decide to move.