This technician is awesome!

The other day, my wife told me that we needed to upgrade our thermostat. I looked at her like she was nuts and asked her what she meant. I said there was nothing wrong with our thermostat, and she agreed that it worked fine, but it wasn’t a smart thermostat. I didn’t know what a smart thermostat was to be honest, so I asked her to explain what that was. She told me that it’s a thermostat that learns your preferred settings and automatically carries those settings out. I guess you could say it’s an easier way to make a customized heating and cooling schedule. I did think that sounded interesting, but the best part was that you could apparently modify the temperature control settings from your phone. I couldn’t believe it until we actually had the thing installed! When the HVAC technician showed us how to use the smart app, I figured I had seen it all at that point in time. I learned that you could control your heating and cooling system from just about anywhere. I could now see why my wife wanted this new technology so badly. We definitely couldn’t control the old thermostat with our phones, but we could put it on a schedule, but honestly it was a pain to set the schedule. This new smart thermostat was a total breeze and it did as advertised, worked according to our temperature control preferences. It also told us when we needed to change our air filter and when we needed HVAC maintenance. It even made suggestions for optimal temperature control settings to save money. I was impressed!

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