This unit finally functions properly

My cousin Elisabeth lives just a couple of minutes away from me, so we get to hang out at each other’s house all the time. We grew up together, and even went to the same college, so we’ve grown inseparable over the years. Since we’re both single, we often cook and eat meals together too. I value her friendship so much, especially since she saved me from a sticky situation only a couple of weeks ago. I came back to my house after a day out to find that my air conditioning system was malfunctioning, so I instantly called an HVAC professional. I just about flipped when they told me they were so backed up that it was going to take several afternoons for them to get to my repair. Summer was in full swing, meaning the temperatures were reaching ninety. I knew I couldn’t last in my house without an air conditioning unit for several afternoons. Thankfully, Elisabeth’s air conditioning unit was in working order, and she provided me with her guest room while I waited on the HVAC professional to get to me. I’m so happy that she let me stay with her because I would have been so hot otherwise. When my air conditioning system was finally repaired, I made a huge lunch to repay Elisabeth for her generosity. I would have been in a bad situation with no air conditioner, and she really saved the day for me. If her A/C ever goes out, she’ll know that she’ll always have a place to stay with me.

AC unit