This unit really does work

A while back I made the grand decision to go back to graduate school for another degree. So before I could even apply to the school’s program, I had to take an assessment test that would determine if my reading and math skills were solid enough to get through grad school. I took practice exams and spent a lot of time studying because I knew that the exam would be challenging, especially as it was timed. Going into the test, I made sure to dress in cool clothes and bring a light windbreaker in case the testing room turned out to be a little cold. On the afternoon of the test I wore those clothes and went in to take my exam. As soon as I entered the testing office, my stomach dropped. I felt their air conditioning hitting me as though it were a ton of bricks. Even though it was summer, the inside of this room felt to me like I was in the arctic! I put on the light windbreaker I had brought with me, but it did little to keep me warm. The whole time in there I was freezing, and it affected my concentration on the test. With a minimal amount of time to take the test, this was a significant problem. When I returned home, I wrote an email and complained to the testing center about their air conditioning environment in that room. They said they need to keep their air conditioning on high for everyone’s comfort. Ironically, I didn’t see anyone there that afternoon that looked comfortable. I ended up scoring the requisite grade I needed to get into grad school, although I suppose I would have done a lot better on the test had the room been comfortable.

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